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Information for Holidaying Dogs

1) Please make sure your humans clean up after you– we know sometimes you like to urinate on grass– please rinse this with the hose pipe/ watering can as it burns the grass. There are spare poo bags under the sink.


2) If you would like to sleep on top of the bed, please use the blanket provided or ask your humans to bring a blanket for you.


3) We have two small dog bowls (found under the sink) but we don’t mind if you’d like to bring your own.


4) Please stay on your lead outside of your private garden our cat doesn’t like being chased and may hiss at you!


5) Don’t chew things– your humans will be cross if they have to pay for them.


6) Do not let your humans leave you on your own in the property.


7) We may be able to arrange a dog sitter if required, but will need advance notice, and it is subject to availability. Additional charges will apply.

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